I bought a INDYCAR without an engine.
Drag racing a 3 rotor RX-7 at 0 PSI
I buy the FASTEST Manual Transmission!
Leon Schoen
Leon Schoen 20 саат мурун
ÄM Rob i think you want to rethink what you are saying the "Rennesis" is still a 13B. Yes it´s not a RE nither a REW but It is a 13b M(ulti) S(ide) P(ort)
Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson 20 саат мурун
Does this guy ever do anything with his cars? Or does he just talk A lot ?
Benjamin Davidson
Benjamin Davidson 20 саат мурун
Stock body. Why is everyone so concerned with flush. Also you were working behind a car that is all poke hahaha open wheels.
00:04 In Puerto Rico, we call feisty cars like that "casa de locos".
Sasha M
Sasha M 20 саат мурун
Yes !!! 😂
Matthew Sherfy
Matthew Sherfy 20 саат мурун
Hell noooo………
razz_nz 20 саат мурун
Is a 1” wide flare really “wide”. I would argue that it’s not, then you could fit it either way.
corey foe
corey foe 20 саат мурун
Will 35s fit on my stock Toyota 😂
Jarod 20 саат мурун
wide body looks gay af, play with the setup you can get it to hook more
Levi Olive
Levi Olive 20 саат мурун
Of freaking COURSE…. WIDEBODY!! 👊🏼👏🏼👍🏼
Eric Beeman
Eric Beeman 20 саат мурун
What happened to the bad ass 4 rotor
RapidNutria 936
RapidNutria 936 20 саат мурун
All the way
RapidNutria 936
RapidNutria 936 20 саат мурун
Wide body
Pauls Bromults
Pauls Bromults 21 саат мурун
Rob give him everything! we want to see RX-8
Mr.T 21 саат мурун
If you sand blast the inside of the rim,where the bead seals ,with really corse media like black slag it makes the tire lock on .
cody wieling
cody wieling 21 саат мурун
We'll never rain vents lol says the guy who spun out on the highway from his tires
TheChad138 21 саат мурун
I’d say no to the wide body and yes to tubing it!
jib jib
jib jib 21 саат мурун
Blacksmith AutoWerks INC
Blacksmith AutoWerks INC 21 саат мурун
Growlus notneeded
Growlus notneeded 21 саат мурун
Congratulations for stating the captain obvious. Quality youtube content.
MADLARZ 21 саат мурун
At least it’s velocity red
Hellblaue 22 саат мурун
I dont care about the 3 rotor. Finish the 4 rotor
Daniel Wylie-Eggert
Daniel Wylie-Eggert 22 саат мурун
Jay parlapiano
Jay parlapiano 22 саат мурун
waiting for rob to start making his own tires
David Looby
David Looby 22 саат мурун
I literally went on an entire vacation between Rob's last video and this one
SmoKey Sony
SmoKey Sony 22 саат мурун
Put the 6 rotor in this with hydraulic sequential paddle shifters
SmoKey Sony
SmoKey Sony 22 саат мурун
You putting the 6 rotor in this ??
Mickeyt98 22 саат мурун
MiGujack3 22 саат мурун
Truck flares.
AJ Webb
AJ Webb 22 саат мурун
“Sucks ass it’s from New Jersey” lol, I love my rusty Tacoma
Akiwoa 22 саат мурун
JLJoe_ 22 саат мурун
I thought you wanted the 3 rotor to look stock so no wide body
Tan_Boi Industries
Tan_Boi Industries 22 саат мурун
No widebody.
piwiracing 23 саат мурун
Even better idea, get a narrowed single piece Ford 9 inch. You get the right fitment plus better suspension for the Drag strip.
K Vinson15
K Vinson15 23 саат мурун
Rob make a livery for the f1 car!
FlyBoyGrounded 23 саат мурун
So, what does it cost to buy a rolling chassis like this?
A Racers Life
A Racers Life 23 саат мурун
Nice score! Just a heads up, those arent shocks, those are ride sticks. Teams pull the coilovers out so as to not let the cars go down the highway on the race shocks. It puts tons of extra wear on them.
FlyBoyGrounded 23 саат мурун
NACA ducts for your knackers :-D
Me 23 саат мурун
Just an opinion, I soak my kart tires in wd40 after a day off racing, because the rubber dries up making the compound hard, you might try to soften those old tires if you do that few times and wait at least 4 days before using them, is just hydration of the rubber
Juan 23 саат мурун
DiBellio 23 саат мурун
Please don't turn into TJ, keep it stock body.
Jacob Lowell
Jacob Lowell 23 саат мурун
On those cars, the turbos were actually inside the bellhousing. Cool as hell for packaging, an absolute pain to work on!
Averag3 gam3r
Averag3 gam3r 23 саат мурун
Slightly below God tier under F1
i wish i was famous I Love My Nissan's
i wish i was famous I Love My Nissan's 23 саат мурун
No wide body
K Reynolds
K Reynolds 23 саат мурун
No to the widebody on the 3 rotof
Puppersnupper 22
Puppersnupper 22 Күн мурун
Wide body is better in my opinion
DirtyDrifting Күн мурун
You should get an rx8 and do a turbo hybrid renesis build. Also add peripheral porting as well.
Colten Lugar
Colten Lugar Күн мурун
Put the wide body on
Pete Күн мурун
Basse Bassesen
Basse Bassesen Күн мурун
And ?
im Schwaggy
im Schwaggy Күн мурун
id do the rocketbunny kit. there's people running 20x14 with 335's and i dont mean like on some cambergang specs type shit lol.
d pizzle
d pizzle Күн мурун
You’re always mentioning racing a Pista does that mean you’re going to get a rematch soon?
Theodore Skreko
Theodore Skreko Күн мурун
Keep the stockish looking body and tub the rear with a different wheel offset
SensatioN Күн мурун
k20, k24 Kappa
Adam C
Adam C Күн мурун
wheres the 4rotar?
tim Pelletier
tim Pelletier Күн мурун
I use those speaker in my car and have a 300 dollar touchscreen android auto head unit an the speakers sound good so I think it could be your 20 dollar hear unit lol
Dj Mystery
Dj Mystery Күн мурун
Just install tank tracks bro
Ricardo Rosinha
Ricardo Rosinha Күн мурун
What about the billet 4 rotor?
joe tortora
joe tortora Күн мурун
No... Isaiahs orders
Ghassan Radwan
Ghassan Radwan Күн мурун
Widebody. 100%
Dwayne Attard
Dwayne Attard Күн мурун
one correct answer. LISTEN TO ISEJAH!!!!!! Don't widebody the rx7. You want to have a sleeper car
Lazy Күн мурун
LEAVE IT AS IS, I don't mind a bit of tire sticking out.
O K Күн мурун
wide body it
Richard Perrin
Richard Perrin Күн мурун
I gotta agree with Isaiah, no to the wide body!
Mathias Werder
Mathias Werder Күн мурун
Chris Күн мурун
Widebody it.
Nicholas O'Halloran
Nicholas O'Halloran Күн мурун
If the 315's are 15mm too wide then run a 305. I doubt the 5mm will be that noticeable and fresh tires with a good compound will help with gains more than tire width. This will also stop the need to try and get the wide fenders trimmed and mounted.
Daniel Күн мурун
tub it and keep stock body
Logical Volcel
Logical Volcel Күн мурун
tubs are always better than widebody, widebodies always look terrible
Jd three
Jd three Күн мурун
Thumbnail for video hit a hard laugh after watching the vid
Zelos Photizo
Zelos Photizo Күн мурун
I'm fine with you doing whatever you want it's your car. That said, if you're going to wide body it why use those cheesy bolt on's? Make it look like it's supposed to be that way!
cokevspepsi516 Күн мурун
I'm with Isaiah on the no wide body. Tub it if you need to
Ryan Chalmers
Ryan Chalmers Күн мурун
Petition for these two to start a podcast
Toy-Yoda Күн мурун
Eli Mikiten
Eli Mikiten Күн мурун
So when are you going back on This vs. That!?
Rough Hands
Rough Hands Күн мурун
There's enough classic jdm cars getting chopped and butchered for wide fenders. Don't you do it Dahmer. Don't you dare.
Issac Daniels
Issac Daniels Күн мурун
Why not just put engine spacers in the rear and not wide body the RX7
Shannon Hamilton
Shannon Hamilton Күн мурун
Tub that car dammit
Jacob MATTHEWS Күн мурун
Widebody the world