The 3 Rotor RX-7 Fires after 2 years in pieces!

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Rob Dahm

Ай мурун

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Mister Dope
Mister Dope Ай мурун
Unless you're an S5+ or running a race setup. Don't delete the OMP man. Its there for a reason. Just add 2stroke to the fuel tank additionally instead.
Lucas Siemer
Lucas Siemer Ай мурун
you gonna take one of them on the track anytime soon?
Ocean Man
Ocean Man Ай мурун
Them boys are gonna have their own shop one day.
cubonenineO Ай мурун
TrialMacameau Ай мурун
Meow~ Meow~ Meoww~ I love cats :)
Trevor Leonard
Trevor Leonard Ай мурун
You get fire, you keep cranking to suck the fire in. It will go out 90% of the time
James Sanders
James Sanders Ай мурун
Anyone seen Rob lately?
Euro Shane
Euro Shane Ай мурун
Hey where you at Rob? You race the Hoonicorn and just think you can quit KGglobal now?? I swear it feels like its been forever since I've seen a new notification from ur channel!! 😭😭
Ryan C
Ryan C Ай мурун
that diablo
reizhustenistdoof Ай мурун
I don't want to sound rude, I just have not yet watchrd too much Rob Dahm Videos. Whats the deal with his "mechanics"? They are so young and don't seem too experienced
Jay Sea
Jay Sea Ай мурун
Looks like ignition timing might be a little off. I’ve made the same mistake with too much starter fluid, as soon as you said Mooooaar I knew what was going to happen 😂
Jay Sea
Jay Sea Ай мурун
“I swear it’s just cold”
Acrich1000 Ай мурун
anyone else happy asf that his channel gets more views and better feedback than VV? lmao
Yeeter McSkeeter
Yeeter McSkeeter Ай мурун
Hi Rob, I tried DMing you a couple of times on instagram and reaching out to your store email (gmail says the message cannot be delivered). But I ordered the "Dahm Original T-Shirt" back on Oct 6 and have not received it. I can DM you again if it'll help it pop to the top of your inbox, just let me know please. Hoping you see this!
Juan Carlos Ortiz
Juan Carlos Ortiz Ай мурун
The best ecu for rotary is microtech
Thatguywithnopancreas Ай мурун
You,have soo many projects!!! ❤💪🏾👍🏽
Zeke brier
Zeke brier Ай мурун
You need a smaller turbo with the big one so you get bottom end and top end
Tanner Harcus
Tanner Harcus Ай мурун
i know it doesn't work like this but post another video soon please and thank you
Deejay Ай мурун
What’s happening with the 4 rotor???????
Alejandro Ай мурун
Where did he find these kids at? The local Supreme store? Sorry but these walking man buns are cringy asf, they might be cool guys but they sure look like complete tools. I liked it better when it was just rob and Isaiah, my opinion though, nothing more.
Brad patterson
Brad patterson Ай мурун
How are you even allowed to touch cars... fuck me
Dell_alpha12 Ай мурун
He killed the 4 rotar where is engine
Dell_alpha12 Ай мурун
As much as I love the car name the car a name of the cat
David Detweiler
David Detweiler Ай мурун
The cats look so happy now!
Adam Hinchliff
Adam Hinchliff Ай мурун
I want to help Rob and have the privilege of being yelled at by him for doing something wrong. 😞
Felix Ай мурун
It was nessecary to burn the engine to the ground to know that everything is working 😂😂
pack money
pack money Ай мурун
Does anyone know if dahm and Vargas bros have collaborated?
Cr4zy Goose
Cr4zy Goose Ай мурун
🐱: Meow
SuperTriplepPp Ай мурун
Love From Germany and JP Performance!
willem deysel
willem deysel Ай мурун
rob is a good man look at the cat's how peaceful much respect 🙏🤜💪
Kugi Ай мурун
JP brought me here 🙌
Josua Schulz
Josua Schulz Ай мурун
German Big
German Big Ай мурун
Love from JP Army Germany
Creepane Ай мурун
Love from JP Performance from germany 😍😁
Austin Cantrell
Austin Cantrell Ай мурун
Was watching older videos im a new fan but I'm all in shared your videos with my dad who always talked about his rx7 and now I understand why. I would wonder what a aerial atom with a rotory would do as a track day toy 🤔 just a big go kart?
ostfahrstreifen Ай мурун
how is it to work with the singer from knocked loose?
DJ DK & Danger Zone Studios
DJ DK & Danger Zone Studios Ай мурун
who is this kid that is so excited? He's crackin me up
Deep South
Deep South Ай мурун
Rob Going through data:rpm? Pfft 8800 sounds good
VV gets more pised when he sees this haha
Yeeter McSkeeter
Yeeter McSkeeter Ай мурун
Hi Rob, I tried DMing you a couple of times on instagram and reaching out to your store email (gmail says the message cannot be delivered). But I ordered the "Dahm Original T-Shirt" back on Oct 6 and have not received it. I can DM you again if it'll help it pop to the top of your inbox, just let me know please. Hoping you see this!
Zawisza Czarny
Zawisza Czarny Ай мурун
9:00 Who you show that FUCK YOU to? To us or maybe your boss ? wtf is wrong with you...
Daniel Bert
Daniel Bert Ай мурун
You can definitely tell everyone is a lot more relaxed after the 4 rotor race
I like that shirt 😌
Pedro Destro
Pedro Destro Ай мурун
Thumbs up for the fueltech! VAI BRASIL!
H3ntairican Ай мурун
Engine catches fire: vargas bros intro 😏
Brandon Foster
Brandon Foster Ай мурун
“High horsepower oil” any oil works just the same you clown
Brandon Foster
Brandon Foster Ай мурун
Holley is the best like a dominator
Creator 262
Creator 262 Ай мурун
Lots of intelligence in Robs comments section as usual
Пример текста
Пример текста Ай мурун
So, here me out... From my understanding, you add rotors to a rotary by bolting a new housing onto the side and extending the bits in the middle. If that's the case, is there anything other than budget stopping someone from going above the usual 4-rotor configuration? Call me out if I'm just a dumbass, but that's just a thought. I mean, what would a 5 or 6 rotor engine even sound like?
jylp4u Ай мурун
Why is it that people from Michigan say they're from Detroit when they're not??
Anton.H Ай мурун
Your ocd makes my ocd finally relax, love your vids man keep them up!!
Leo 11
Leo 11 Ай мурун
dying to receive my firing on all rotors package but its still in pre-shipment in Ontario, CA since Nov 17. Any word from the post office on those packages my bro? i know its completely their fault, just wondering if theyve given you any update. @robdahm
Jake Pratt
Jake Pratt Ай мурун
7:00 the only bandaid that will stay on longer than the cut
Jake Pratt
Jake Pratt Ай мурун
11:15 the only bandaid that will stay on longer than the hand
Silver Ай мурун
Hearing about a Shelby Cobra in a Dahm video makes me think about rotary swapping a cobra.
jacob barba
jacob barba Ай мурун
Watching you wire all of that....short circuited the wires that make my brain a brain.......
gw3 Extreme2
gw3 Extreme2 Ай мурун
The children are calling you Cat 🐈 daddy Rob😂😂😂😂😂
tyler238 Ай мурун
Hey don’t hate on yourself! U learn over trial and error!
Shredthetrack Ай мурун
Hey @Robdahm i Hope you make some Videos with Jp.
Spencer Koenig
Spencer Koenig Ай мурун
Typical Friday for me?
Lucky Goose
Lucky Goose Ай мурун
Burntacon??? That thing is such a POS.
Felipe Mendoza
Felipe Mendoza Ай мурун
Wheres the hoonicorn blood!?!?
Brock Ewing
Brock Ewing Ай мурун
Love how he talks about Woodward, like that’s all we do around here is cruise Woodward 😂
Gabriel Vermilyea-Smith
Gabriel Vermilyea-Smith Ай мурун
Ah remember the days when he used the 3 Rotor to juice grapes? Those were the good ol' days...
Dominco Doesburg
Dominco Doesburg Ай мурун euro RX7 Bild🦾
Arthur Sperotto
Arthur Sperotto Ай мурун
Why did you choose conventional VR1 over synthetic for this car?
Oscar Del Toro
Oscar Del Toro Ай мурун
You've acquired a Fueltech. There is no going back now. Set that ignition index and cranking injector pulse and off she goes. Amazing progress on the wiring. Learning the way FT does their wiring will let you know importance's of grounds and how different power ground, sensor ground and battery grounds are!
Lucas Blanchard
Lucas Blanchard Ай мурун
Me: oooo yes Rob is working on his other project car! Also me: KITTIES!!! 😍😻
Glenn Bjerregaard Dreyer
Glenn Bjerregaard Dreyer Ай мурун
Why twist the wires? its a very bad idea
SnowRocker88 Ай мурун
You need a rotary motorcycle or something now. (Something with a one-rotor)
thesolo wolf
thesolo wolf Ай мурун
Since theres little compression cant you like pour oil down in somewhere to help it start.
Jyotkanwal Bhambra
Jyotkanwal Bhambra Ай мурун
Casually has a ZX in the background and a couple turbos on the shelf
Mr. D
Mr. D Ай мурун
13:46 a meme is born
MrUltimo87 Ай мурун
Hey Rob , do you Know JP Performance from Germany ? No ? So its time ! :-) i think you have to look @ this Channel
TrAvy_K_Malllo Ай мурун
You’ve got me so confused on the timeline in your videos. I know it’s content regardless and doesn’t matter logistically, but knowing the timeline on videos helps my brain personally connect to the creator.
Anderson Dick
Anderson Dick Ай мурун
I'm watching! Very proudly! FuelTech team is pumped to see it happening, we are all passionate! Thanks Rob!
Jerry Perez
Jerry Perez Ай мурун
I think this is the closest we’re ever gonna get to an outro
BZH.56 Ай мурун
Bonne année the team family Rob
Benjamin Danlos
Benjamin Danlos Ай мурун
westleybates 20
westleybates 20 Ай мурун
0:02 and now it needs apex seals again 🤣 jk
Anthonysvt_ Ай мурун
Yoooooo Rob you okay??? Actually making good wiring harnesses? Blink 5 times and give a thumbs up if you are okay!
felix seremet
felix seremet Ай мурун
It's nice to hear the 3 rotor
Preproto Ай мурун
Please connect pressure fail safes for coolant pressures, oil pressure and fuel pressure. It will save your engine before you can blink (coolant pressure tells when combustion gas is in the coolant system)
Stephen Hogan
Stephen Hogan Ай мурун
Bro I wish you had more frequent videos !! Even short ones I'm sure your doing interesting shit every day do you still work as well or just full time KGglobal ??
Andrew Dean
Andrew Dean Ай мурун
Using break cleaner to start a engine yea I was a little scared
Tanner Harcus
Tanner Harcus Ай мурун
Great video rob happy to see the 3 rotor
fatal3sgte Ай мурун
When do I recieve my shirt I ordered in November? Emailed a while back because I wanted to get the autographed shirt so I could frame it.
Supra_Mickey Ай мурун
I need that hoodie
teknogeek1300 Ай мурун
omg I love your cats
R Smith
R Smith Ай мурун
Everyday Rob looks more and more like guy Martin.
James Wallace
James Wallace Ай мурун
Are those cats rotary?
TheAfterPein Ай мурун
Come for the rotaries, stay for the cats slowly becoming Rob's pets.
RedmistAU Ай мурун
Nexus 5 in the C8 is the big news for me.
Averag3 gam3r
Averag3 gam3r Ай мурун
Kids need respect ! Just disrespectful with the silly stuff behind his back his gave them a job the should be grateful.. well doing the dickhead sign behind his back while his talking deserves a slap
Bryan Gray
Bryan Gray Ай мурун
Been waiting since December 13 for an order that was placed on your website. I placed it because of the last vid you posted. I emailed asking what’s up and simply got a reply that I’ll receive an email when it ships. I get xmas slows things down but I would have never ordered had I known it would take nearly a month to receive the order!
Tony Cono
Tony Cono Ай мурун
Smokkedandslammed Ай мурун
Your damn ass video never showed up on my feed! It's amazing how quick the algorithm just throws you to the curb when you don't post like a mad man.
Mr1Jiff Ай мурун
Slob dahm
Franco Forcucci
Franco Forcucci Ай мурун
F*ck yeah the 3 rotor finally gets some love
ArcturanMegadonkey Ай мурун
geezus it's like giving a child razor blades to play with! Funny seeing the lads in the background messing around.
P7 Gamer
P7 Gamer Ай мурун
FUEL TECH! FROM BRAZIL...the best of the best...nice car guy...i'm from brazil and i have an ft400 ... installed on an audi a3turbo forged for 1000hp ... have a video of it on my channel, if you want to see it !!
P7 Gamer
P7 Gamer Ай мурун
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