E85 MELTED my 3 Rotor RX-7 Fuel Lines. Idling for the first time!

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Rob Dahm

Ай мурун

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081588101 4 күн мурун
I always save up watching your videos when i have a quiet, sober moment.
scott wolforth
scott wolforth 11 күн мурун
This is just insane, you replaced your incorrect hose with incorrect hose... E85 or 93 octane you need submersible hose, and all of your current lines are fine for any e85 or 93 or methanol fuel. Stop making E85 clickbait please!
Juliano De Carvalho
Juliano De Carvalho 22 күн мурун
Rooob its called moonshine brotha, methanol is produced before the ethanol comes out through the "distilling" process 😎👍🏽
Enrico Bit
Enrico Bit 27 күн мурун
How much kilometers you can do with one liter?
Enrico Bit
Enrico Bit 27 күн мурун
How much petrol it consumes ?
Devdoesitbest Ай мурун
so what your saying is that the Russians run their cars on vodka
Lucas Siemer
Lucas Siemer Ай мурун
those clamps arent that strong, rob if you can cut your hoses with those, you got the super beefy hardend ones wich dont even exist
Michael Simoneau
Michael Simoneau Ай мурун
SHE IS ALIVE !!!!!!!!
Martin Larsson
Martin Larsson Ай мурун
heeey i just bought my first wankel a rx7 fc with a 70mm turbo with apexi power commander, got any tips with that engine controler? :)
David Freeman
David Freeman Ай мурун
I have a question. How the fuck does Rob not have 1m subs yet???
BuckingFeast Ай мурун
Gotta grow the hair for Flowvid!
Jacopo Skydweller
Jacopo Skydweller Ай мурун
Rob, you gotta go look at Angel Motorsports 4 rotor, 4 axle Brapmobile from the 80's. It's an absolutely bonkers, weaponized autistic aerospace engineered monster.
Mcq Cjc
Mcq Cjc Ай мурун
Mr Rob
Mr Rob Ай мурун
I want to hear more about six rotors. And if your actually gonna put it your lambo.
Andrew Gaulton
Andrew Gaulton Ай мурун
I thought that was Biden at 0:29
Edvin Obing
Edvin Obing Ай мурун
Wtf i got unsubbed from the channel i guess yt is gonna start doing that again
Owen Welsford
Owen Welsford Ай мурун
Hey do you remember you history teacher in high school Dave Henry
Jim Daniel
Jim Daniel Ай мурун
"...like I did during the last part of COVID"? Uh, COVID is surging wildly all over the country! We are still in the first part of COVID. Trump lied.
Big 'ol Booty Cheeks
Big 'ol Booty Cheeks Ай мурун
thank god we dont have an alcohol tax through the toof on ethanol fuel. Stop at e98 and everything is good.
capnthepeafarmer Ай мурун
Rob, geez never go in dry. The ladies don't appreciate it.
Byth3Beard0fZeus Ай мурун
Sooo when is the Dahmicorn getting back on the road?
Creator 262
Creator 262 Ай мурун
An entire video explaining: use e85 fuel lines for e85. Use submersible e85 lines for in-tank. Once again failing due to lack of research before construction.
comedywakeupcall Ай мурун
Guys remember to like the video. Help rob grow his channel! Dude should have at least 1m already
Jose Leal
Jose Leal Ай мурун
Have you ever considered putting two QFM-360-X motors. Each motor claims to make 1340hp and each motor is about the size of a rotor. Imagine a 2680 hp engine the size of a 13b. Granted this motor is electric but this motor literally looks like a rotor or at least that was the vibe I got when I first heard of this motor.
ID GAF Ай мурун
no one cares about the 3 rotor bro
zfreak280 Ай мурун
I used a bench vice for all my polyurethane bushings. Works as good as a press and is good for more than just pressing bushings in.
zeus lim
zeus lim Ай мурун
Ah yes the fuel line eating problem. I believe top gear had this problem with their biofuel bmw
Modded Garage
Modded Garage Ай мурун
Ethanol causes blindness. Be careful saying people are taking shots of it because these idiots on the internet will... And blindness and retardation can be caused with as little as 10ml of this stuff. Do not do shots or drink E85. Jesus christ Wood grain alchohol is not metabolised by the body like regular spirits...
Thomas Blueschke
Thomas Blueschke Ай мурун
Mmh.., the sound of the tree rotor reminds me a little bit of an old EAST GERMAN car named Wartburg ( was a 1 l 2 stroke engine with three zylinders). XD XD
Hunter Fox
Hunter Fox Ай мурун
I had the opposite happen on a supra(and many other friend's cars). I used e85 safe "gates" line and it dried out to the point where it would snap like bakelite plastic, after about 3 years. Running e54 seemed to have mostly solved the problem for a minor drop in octane/cooling rating. If I were to guess, its the e85 safe 2 stroke you're running that is softening the lines. I know castor oil is hell on rubber lines(which is why they recommend silicon lines for oil injection systems).
Derek Webb
Derek Webb Ай мурун
I’m so ready for the return of the 3 rotor
RIDEOHDIE- 63 Ай мурун
G3tEducatedGaming Ай мурун
When will we have an update on the 4 rotor C8?
Beck's Armory
Beck's Armory Ай мурун
barbs or no barbs you always use clamps.
Itcc 2
Itcc 2 Ай мурун
So in theory you can pour vodka in your car?
James Phillips
James Phillips Ай мурун
What brand hose/model was used for those pumps?
Flocko J
Flocko J Ай мурун
That momo steering wheel is legendary
aurora2319 Ай мурун
"cheap of getting drunk" LOL
Skyloop Ай мурун
Rotary has a comeback! Even in germany one of the biggest tuning youtubers bought a clean 18.000Km RX-7 with a 2 rotor. This whole thing is awesome!
Holzwurm _HD
Holzwurm _HD Ай мурун
2:09 You just know there is an upcoming Keeps Ad
KuschelKeks Ай мурун
!!!! Inportant !!!! are you already in contact with JP?
Oscar Thorpe
Oscar Thorpe Ай мурун
0:31 Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene, not nylon
CSGTech Ай мурун
We love big haired transsexual mechanics
stewitr Ай мурун
Should have lubed up those bushes...
ParKKos97 Ай мурун
Oh hell yea a rob dahm vidya. Then its a complete e85 educational vidya, how good
Brad Burks
Brad Burks Ай мурун
liked before watched
Knight Ай мурун
C8 Corvette Update?
Syu Ай мурун
Felix Wankel
Felix Wankel Ай мурун
I like ya cut G!!!
kyleaudio Ай мурун
Rob, just a word of caution on those hose clamps. I used them under the hood on my FD years ago and I started smelling fuel. When I dug into it I found that the screws had backed out some from the vibration. I've added a drop of blue loctite on the threads and hopefully that won't happen again. I'd like to see a version that has a nylock nut instead to eliminate this problem.
Neil Walker
Neil Walker Ай мурун
You didn’t put some prothane grease on your poly bushes...... they are going to squeak a lot.
Ricardo Anzola
Ricardo Anzola Ай мурун
Im so happy to be back to your content!
Tony Carlino
Tony Carlino Ай мурун
Fire your barber
powcar91 Ай мурун
Rob's new haircut makes me look like shane o connor.
Josh Frost
Josh Frost Ай мурун
That's what happens when you let thing like that sit for half its life
Phil Anthropist
Phil Anthropist Ай мурун
i have a full radium fuel system in my car. theres 26 fittings. bothe fuel pump hoses in my surge tank burst after 2 weeks.. i knew better than using the radium hoses and push fittings and replaced everything with vibrant . radium says their stuff is e85 compatible but its not and theyre completely useless to deal with
RedFathom Ай мурун
Mercedes/BMW makes some nice clamps you can get at the junk yard. sometimes for free. triangle piece, aka gusset.
Fabrication Father
Fabrication Father Ай мурун
Hey Rob I took a bottle of your keeps last time I was there (sorry bro I was curious) and I started using it daily but my peen started getting bigger? Maybe it works better when you already have gorgeous hair? Idk either way I’m not not complaining but your not getting it back
prkidd23tc Ай мурун
Rob Dahm’s R&D channel. Very fitting.
BFE 08 WRXSTI Ай мурун
I dont use oil for the push fittings, I just stick the hose in some boiling water for a few seconds to soften it up before I push it on =)
Brian Robinson
Brian Robinson Ай мурун
You hinted towards it but you didn't say it directly.... What product do you use when you premix your E85?
Life in Washington
Life in Washington Ай мурун
Never use ethanol fuel in older model vehicles including motorcycles. That crap melted ever piece of rubber in my 1980 Honda Goldwing GL1100i (fuel pump, and many parts in the 4 carbs) it also goes bad in less than 4 to 6 months clogging every needle valve you have.
wololo10 Ай мурун
Ethanol also has 117 octane rating
Austin Ай мурун
There is a cricket in yalls shop i hear it in the back
Spock_2016 SPN
Spock_2016 SPN Ай мурун
PTFE is not Nylon. PTFE is Teflon. Poly Tetra Flour Ethylen
Fix your keeps haircut
Justin A
Justin A Ай мурун
Rob with his 55-gallon drum of moonshine 🥴
Berth' Ай мурун
Peter Schwankl
Peter Schwankl Ай мурун
Amusingly, while in University, I wrote a rather lengthy thesis paper on the development of ethanol-based fuels back in the early 1910s-20s, largely spearheaded by Ford, who saw it both as a huge possibility during prohibition (there was a lot of the equipment needed collecting dust), and as a means to increase engine power with higher compressions because gasoline at the time was hugely unstable, leading to huge problems with engine knock -- ethanol-based fuels are inherently far more stable. Eventually, DuPont won-out with Tetraethyllead, which was an 'anti-knock additive' that, unlike ethanol, could be patented and sold. Thus, we had 'leaded' gasoline for 50+ years until the public became aware that breathing vaporized lead was deemed 'pretty uncool' by doctors and unleaded stabilizers came along in the 80s. Of note, most alcohol-based fuels (if not all, at least in the US because of regulation) are denatured alcohol, meaning you SHOULD NOT drink them in any concentration or mixture.
Build One More
Build One More Ай мурун
Why not have the strainers on the bottom of the pumps??
Mket Design
Mket Design Ай мурун
Your turning in, a rotary master Rob👍
Frank Whitham
Frank Whitham Ай мурун
Those tshirts needed that fragile packaging
Marvin Zimmermann
Marvin Zimmermann Ай мурун
Rob are you ok? You made a normal end😱 new year new you?
matteightytwo Ай мурун
Rob, may be worth finding out if any residue wouldve ended up in the injectors
Rafael Floriano Panato
Rafael Floriano Panato Ай мурун
The year is 2048, Rob new video: finishing my rx7
wedgoku Ай мурун
The reasons why I dislike using E85: 1. Eats away at your fuel lines/rubber hoses & cloggs up the entire fuel system if left for a long time in a parked car 2. 30% more fuel burned which means worse gas mileage 3. Worse for the environment, they use corn to manufacture E85 which forces our entire food prices to increase over time 4. Diminishing returns for a modified daily driver E85 is a waste & is not needed, you are better off using 93+ a bottle of octane booster 5. Hardly any E85 stations in my area, you would have better luck finding diesel fuel 6. For a drag car you are better off using 110+ octane race fuel for less detonation & using a waterbox 7. E85 price might be cheap now but in a few years the government will figure out a way to raise the price even more 8. E85 has a bad track record, you can watch alot on youtube videos of performance cars having clogged fuel injector problems while using e85
kwiebusch Ай мурун
We had a early FIA endorsed race fuel-cell bladder go bad with ethanol added fuel. "The lack of fuel can't be the tank or the pump, they're E fuel ready....." Famous last words ;o)
Tonkata 2006
Tonkata 2006 Ай мурун
17:44 *turbo diesel sounds*
TK Skagen
TK Skagen Ай мурун
Have you done any research on using "Polyethylene/PVC" Fuel Lines? Also used for Water Lines in "New Construction" Houses and for Refrigerators...
BJK1715 Ай мурун
What? No shop cats??? MISSING PUSSY!!! 😲 😆
Joey Peter
Joey Peter Ай мурун
The problem I see is that the clamp will be in the fuel the whole time. So it's going to rust away over time
Ryan Belgian
Ryan Belgian Ай мурун
Love the Ugga Dugga measurements!!!
Panos !
Panos ! Ай мурун
Rob from the bottom of my heart mate,the 3 rotor is my favorite car.The sound of this car is really on top of everything.
SovL:Remedy Ай мурун
So the Quad rotor was a massive fkn flop!
Nick Kiofetzis
Nick Kiofetzis Ай мурун
rob you need to youse special submersible fuel line for in tanks pumps regardless if you use meth or petrol as the outside of any fuel line reinforces the hose but the half outer layer will deteriorate within 6 months or less it's not designed to sit outer part in petrol or else it swells blisters often bursts open
Oikku Oek
Oikku Oek Ай мурун
How to make sure your rubber lines wont leak? - Use metal hard line. Some pump manufacturers even have that push fitting threaded in the pump frame, so you can replace it with sturdier stuff. Just remember: If you put metal parts; clamps, nuts, screws etc where the fuel is, You'll introduce metal particles inside your fuel system. Those particles mess up your fuel flow, kill your pumps, kill your solenoids, travel inside your combustion chamber and then mess up your hard seals, plugs and turbo fins. Hard line absolutely needs a thorough flushing before operating, but then again so does all the other options as well.
Hue G. Rection
Hue G. Rection Ай мурун
fuel pressure regulator is mounted to fire wall? - dont some drag strips go against this for tech? Someone correct me if im wrong
Phillip Wilde
Phillip Wilde Ай мурун
Instead of using oil on your push locks try using soap it will dry up and ensure a better lock making it just as easy to install and a lot less chance of it coming loose later
SethDesu Ай мурун
man i used to watch smurfinwrx's vids a longgg time ago. what a throwback!
Kester 135
Kester 135 Ай мурун
I can actually speak from my experience with 2-stroke engines, HOSE CLAMPS ARE NOT A FIX FOR THIS, over time the hose becomes more and more saturated and becomes so soft your able to pull it apart by hand, its like penne pasta almost, seriously finding a 2 stroke safe fuel line was the bane of my life for a good year😓
Kester 135
Kester 135 Ай мурун
@Hunter Fox e85 does also do this, but 2 stroke is much more potent
Hunter Fox
Hunter Fox Ай мурун
i just mentioned this somewhere in these comments, but your right. Its not the e85 doing this... its the castor 2 stroke oil. Use silicone line for any non synthetic 2 stroke oils.
Budget Tech
Budget Tech Ай мурун
you got the best team behind you man
Luis C
Luis C Ай мурун
Rob, you gotta tell us bro. So we can kick his ass Who messed up your haircut bro?! That is unacceptable Jk, keep up the good work and get that C8 to the rotary side!!!!
nortious maximus
nortious maximus Ай мурун
Oetiker clamps are good on fuel lines, as long as they are sized correctly for the OD of the hose, they are one use only, they clamp pretty much round, so you don't get a corner, like you do in worm style clamps. for budget fuel lines, ''gates barricade - greensheild'' it's biofuel friendly, it shouldn't have a problem with e85
Road_2_Pow_R Ай мурун
where is the other welder guy?
Colby Canada
Colby Canada Ай мурун
As soon as i head it start, my first thought was leaf blower
floodo1 Ай мурун
LMAO not changing hoses for alcohol to be "cheap". Maybe one day Rob will figure out that learning things the hard way isn't the only way (-8
Peter Cole
Peter Cole Ай мурун
The Dahm team is the best those guys love the work!!!
Hanson Linek
Hanson Linek Ай мурун
The koul tools hose press is awesome for push fittings.
Jimmy Chang
Jimmy Chang Ай мурун
Seeing the behind the scenes of the merch process was so cool! I hope this means Daddy Dahm will finally ship my order! 😜
Klas Peppar
Klas Peppar Ай мурун
In Sweden the idiot politicians thought E85 was great and environmentally friendly as it is technically “renewable” and not really a fossil fuel, so what did the high as kite politicians do? They made it the law to have a E85 pump, every gas station where required by Swedish law to have a E85 pump, this of course meant that the smaller gas stations out in the country side couldn’t afford to install one, so they where forced out of business. The whole thing flopped horribly as almost no one wanted it and Flexifuel / BioPower cars required a different more intense service schedule, Volvo even recommended that you fill up with petrol every other time.
The 3 Rotor RX-7 called the COPS on itself.
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